I Will Never Used to Your Beauty - BOOK of drawings and lyrics

from Thayer Sarrano

Hardcover Book of Color Prints. 6x6. 60 Pages.
From Original Drawings and Mixed Media Art.
Includes and Accompanies the Lyrics for the Song.
Includes DOWNLOAD of the Single:
"I Will Never Be Used to Your Beauty"
(Single also available on 7" vinyl, with "If It Be Your Will" as B-Side.)

ISBN: 978-1-7328163-0-5
UPC: 851135006111
Guildwater Press

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Thayer Sarrano Athens, Georgia

"Meet the woman with the most world-weary voice in music: She's most assuredly creating the soundtrack to whatever becomes the next The Craft or Natural Born Killers—a little bit industrial grime, a little bit shoegaze, a little bit dark..."
- Refinery29

“A Southern-psych dreamland, bottling up ghosts and bringing them to life through her ethereal hymns."
- Huffington Post
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